Brickell Face Scrub vs. Nivea Face Scrub

It’s very easy to get caught up in expensive products because of the allure of having something that seems exotic.  Price point, many times, dictates quality in the minds of consumers.  I like to compare products with brands easily accessible in stores with products that are considered more high end and usually web-only or hard to find.

This week I want to talk about 2 kinds of Face Scrub.

Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub

Nivea Men Energy Face Scrub

I have some review criteria for these and I will jump right into the details for you.


Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub

I want to start and say I really love this stuff.  My first experience was a sample from their Free Sample Kit.  I will probably buy some of this down the road to keep in my drawer, but I have enough things right now to try and test.


The first thing you will notice with this is the scent. Brickell says this has Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Avacado butter, Coffee Extract, and Green Tea extract.  When you open it and give it a smell, it has a very herbal scent to it.


The pumice they are using in this is very fine.  A lot of face scrubs have some grit in them like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, that have coarse exfoliant in them.  Brickell’s has a very fine and pleasing feel as you wash your face with it. This is a thick consistency, more of a gel.

How well it works

No complaints here on this one.  After you scrub up and rinse off, your face immediately feels really clean.  It has a good lather and the particles don’t feel like they are tearing a fresh layer of skin off your face.  It’s very gentle.

Price point

Brickell Men’s Face Scrub sells for $22 for a 4oz jar.  I find this to be in the mid to high-range of the higher end products.



Nivea Men Energy FaceS Scrub



The Nivea Scrub has more of a commercial clean smell too it.  Nivea overall has some very fresh and clean smelling products.  There is no distinct scent that stands out on this one, but it is a very pleasant smell.


The pumice in the scrub is a good mid to low range abrasive.  It lathers up nicely for a decent foam on your face and does a great job exfoliating. This isn’t as thick as Brickell’s but still, it doesn’t change how it foams up on your face.

How well it works

This works very well.  Nivea Men is an amazing product line accessible to anyone.  After using this it has a bit of a cooling effect and your face feels extremely clean and soft afterward.

Price Point

You can pick this up anywhere from around $7 at Walgreens, around $5 from Target, and around $10 on Amazon.  Depending on where you buy it and if you can get it on sale, it’s very accessible for anyone.



My Overall pick

I want to start by saying, these are both very good products.  Either one is a good choice, but for this review, it comes down to price point.  You can get about twice the amount of Nivea for the same price as Brickell.  They both function nicely and they both do exactly what they claim to do.  With Brickell, you will get more of a natural smell and finer exfoliant, while with Nivea, you get a more general clean smell with a bit more coarse exfoliant.

This was a tough review but at Common Man Grooming, I aim to give you the best deal for your money while not sacrificing function.  I own them both, and when my Brickell runs out, I will be ordering more for long-term use. My daily go-to is still Nivea.


7.5 Total Score
Nivea Men Energy Face Scrub

Nivea Men Energy Face Scrub wins this review based on accessibility and price point. Do not be deterred by the $22 price tag if you tend to spend more on your grooming products

  • Affordable
  • Accessible at most retails stores
  • Great Scent
  • Light exfoliant
  • "Commercial Clean" smell, some may not like this
  • Not as refined as Brickell
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