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Keeping it Simple – Nivea Men’s 5 piece kit

  • Keeping it Simple – Nivea Men’s 5 piece kit
  • Keeping it Simple – Nivea Men’s 5 piece kit
  • Keeping it Simple – Nivea Men’s 5 piece kit

Today I want to help you keep it simple. My goal for this site was to help regular guys find products that work and don’t empty your wallet at the same time.  One of the best product lines I have found that you can find at most retailers is Nivea Men’s line of products.

They are everyday affordable, they smell great and they work great.

After Christmas, I picked up a gift set of Nivea Men’s products at Walgreen’s on sale for $15. It Included a 3-1 body/hair/face wash, Face Scrub, Post-shave balm, Face/Body cream, Shaving cream, plus the Dopp bag it all came in.

Amazon has a similar kit but for sensitive skin.  I got mine on sale, but Amazon has them at $25 which isn’t a bad deal for what you are getting.  Affordability wise, this is $5 per product and saves you some money, plus you get a decent Dopp kit bag for travel.

Body Wash

Nivea Makes a sold body wash.  It has a very clean and masculine smell and it leaves you feeling refreshed. “Cool” is my favorite kind but there are a few others you can try.  Their Charcoal one is my second favorite.

Post Shave Balm

I don’t use this often because I don’t like to overdo it when applying creams to my face.  I will break out easily so I try to be a bit more conservative with the amount I use.  This is a great way to shave, skip the aftershave which may dry out your face, and moisturize.


Very clean feeling while using this.  It doesn’t have a scrub element to it, but it cleanses your face well and smells great.

Shaving Cream

This is a step up from Gillette or Barbasol since we are comparing some general store items.  Again much like Nivea’s products, it smells masculine and clean.  I would recommend splashing your face well after using this before you put balm on it as not clog your pores.  In a pinch, you honestly can skip the balm and just use this if you are short on time.

Face/Body Cream

More or less a general cream.  I haven’t found anything too special and personally, I think there are better products than this.  For a quick wash and moisturize before bed, this works well, but again, a little goes a long way.



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Nivea Men's 5 piece kit is a great value that can be purchased at most retailers

  • Affordable
  • Great for daily use
  • Clean and Masculine scent
  • Sometimes hard to find online
  • Usually cheaper seasonally
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