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Whats the Deal with Soap? – Making your products last longer

If you are like me, you have looked for products only to find they seem expensive compared to the amount you are getting.  I was in that boat for a while and it turned me away from buying higher end products that I thought were out of my price ...

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Review – Proraso Green

Proraso - Green   I recently tried some Proraso Green shave soap and aftershave and I wanted to tell you a little about it. Proraso was founded in 1908 by Ludivico Martelli.  Over the years, they have developed a solid line of shaving ...

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Pro Tip: Shave Soap and Lather

How to use your shave soap This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to use and lather your shave soap to get the best results and to conserve your supply as much as possible. I see people all the time using their giant tubs of soap to work up a ...