Welcome to Common Man Grooming

Welcome to Common Man Grooming

Buying products to make you look and feel awesome isn’t limited to high end, big dollar items.  I created this site to give some advice on how to accomplish looking and feeling like a man, for the everyday common man.  The men’s grooming market is loaded with high priced products. Many of us guys don’t want to be bothered with that, we have other things we need to spend our hard earned money on.  I want to give it to you straight and showcase the products I have tried, to help get you looking awesome without shelling out your whole paycheck.  Save your cash, get the girl, spend it on a drone, but don’t shell it out for the appearance of luxury and sacrifice on quality.

If you are a vendor and you would like me to sample your products, you can let me know where I can purchase them.  If you would like to send me products to try, I would greatly appreciate that as well.

Stay Awesome

Francis Xavier


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